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Do any of your tipsters offer a free trial?
  • No. Betting is not for everyone and we try to have a limited number of members so if you want free tips feel free to search somewhere else.
What tips do I get?
  • Our qualified tipsters will always pick the best games so you can have the highest profit everytime. You only need to select the tipster suited for you.
Can I get tips from all your tipsters?
  • Of course you can and we encourage you to do so if your current bankroll supports it. Our tipsters all have different specialities in soccer betting and they never pick the same games.
What tipster is better?
  • All our tipsters are great at what they do and have different specialities. Only you can decide wich tipster is better for you.
When do I receive the tips?
  • After payment has been made and confirmed, you will receive your tip by email in maximum 30 minutes, and with at least 12 hours before the game starting hour.
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Our customers say:

"I found 2 months ago and I've chosen mr. Marius Koos as my tipster. Let me tell you that I was not dissapointed..... In the past 2 months I've went from being a guy who made a few hundred euros per month to a guy who makes a few thousand euros per DAY on my bets. So I just want you to know how appreciative I am and I think that now I also have the bankroll to start working with Quentin"
Goran Svensson, Norway

"I would highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work with TipsterAgent do so immediately. There is not an easier way on the planet to turn your hobby into a real profit maker! Even better, you do it while sitting on your butt all day and watching football matches. Seriously, how can you beat that?"
Grigor Carpov, Bulgaria

"I joined 1 month ago and Marijan was the tipster I picked and still use today. I finally found someone who has turned me into a profitable bettor and I’m THRILLED about my decision to work with him and Please keep up the amazing work."
Han Qin, Singapore


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